The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster - Book Review

How strongly I recommend it: 6/10

Most of the advice in this book feels pretty generic but there was a few things that stuck out and made it worth reading.

1) Sales are your main priority in business. Everything else is a distraction. Sales, sales, sales. Without sales, there is no business. And you’re not just selling your product. You have to sell yourself, your vision, be able to recruit star employees, etc.
2) Pick an hourly rate for yourself. This is the value you can/should provide to the company. Now pick the 3 main things that you should be working on. Focus on only those and delegate everything else.
3) The author wrote about an experiment he did where he wore a stopwatch around his neck at work. All day, he would start the timer whenever he was doing his most vital tasks, the real work. And he’d stop it when he wasn’t. At the end of the day, he looked at how much ‘actual’ work he had done and was shocked to find it was only 20 minutes of real work out of an 8 hour day. Get crystal clear on what is your most important task and ruthlessly prioritize your time and focus.


“If no one is ridiculing or laughing at you, you either don’t have a revolutionary, change-making idea yet, or maybe you’ve been afraid to finally share it with the world.”

“We all get knocked down. How quickly we get up is what separates us.”

“Want to sell more? Stop selling. Help instead.”

“The key to success is massive failure. Go fail!”

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