4 Ways to Avoid Ads Online

1: Use Brave Browser - Brave is a Chromium-based browser meaning it’s based on the same foundation as Google’s Chrome, which is currenlty the most used brwoser in the world and which means it’s highly compatible with modern websites. Brave has built in ad blockers so you won’t see ads on search engines, Youtube, social media sites, or anywhere else. And Brave is free to download on all devices, you can find it any app store.

2: On all of your browsers, possibly Brave from the previous step, install an extension called uBlock Origin. uBlcok Origin is a another layer of ad blocker and it’s also a tracker blocker. So it’ll stop third-party trackers like Google Analytics and Meta’s Pixel and other trackers that people put on their sites. Always, always, always get ublcok origin as soon as you start using a new browser.

3: And this is key, pay for things! I’ve been a Youtube premium subscriber for years and it’s the best $25 a month you ca nspend. Pay the $3 extra per month or whatever it is for the ad free Netflix. Get the premium version of your favorite podcasts. Get the paid version of all the apps you use and your life will be so much better for it. Oh, and pay for email! Get off of gmail or outlook or yahoo or these other advertising services disguised as email providers.

4: Ruthlessly unsubscribe from newsletters and marketing emails. Newsletters are essentially ads so I only subscribe to one at a time. And anytime I get marketing emails, I unsubscribe. My inbox only has messages from people I want to hear from.

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