7 Steps to Internationalize Yourself

Step #1: Get a passport. If you don’t have that, well, you’re stuck in whatever country you’re from and your options are super limited. Even if you don’t plan to travel or move internationally, it’s wise to have a passport in case you have to get out for any reason - whether that’s for business or possibly a natural disaster strikes your home country or a political revolution makes it no longer fun to live there, then it’s good to have the option to leave.

Step #2: Get visas for wherever you want to travel or move. Or, at least know what countries you can travel to visa-free with whatever passport you have.

Step #3: Travel to the country or countries that interest you. Before moving there, test the waters. Spend a week or a month there and see if you even like it. You’ll know. You’ll get a feeling that you’re in the right place. Or not.

Step #4: Open a bank account in that country. Every country is different when it comes to this. Some allow you to open a bank account without stepping foot in the country and everything can be done online in a few minutes. Others are bureaucratic and will have you running all over town in person to different notaries and fingerprinting stations and bribing politicians and sacrificing goats just for the privilege to bank with them.

Step #5: Get a residency in that country. Usually this involves getting a job in that country or making an investment into the country. Sometimes it’s just transferring a certain amount of currency into a bank in that country. Other times it’s proving a certain level of income or net worth.

Step #6: Invest in that country. Invest in a business or buy treasuries or bonds in that country.

Step #7: Get a citizenship in that country. Usually this involves marrying a citizen of that country, living there as a resident for a certain amount of time, being exceptional at something like being a famous musician or artist or scientist, or there are still many golden passport opportunities where you can invest a certain amount into that country and get a citizenship.

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