All In - Show Notes - May 17, 2024

ChatGPT 4o is here. It’s a massive upgrade on speed, reliability, UI, cost, efficiency, and more. So many amazing examples coming out like live translating, math tutoring, note taking in Zoom calls, and much more.

Friedberg: It’s become apparent that there is an evolution underway on the model architecture where each version isn’t a big, bulky overhaul but rather continuous tuning and slight upgrades like apps. This OpenAIs first step toward that future. ChatGPT 4o is close to Claude Opus on performance.
Chamath: Consumer growth has stalled on AI adoption. Everyone is running around with their heads cut off to release features faster but we’re within two years of the real, stable businesses being created. The “Facebook of AI” has yet to be created.
Sacks: The subscription business model for AI is not the right move. These will probably move toward B2B over time which is a better model than consumer. Three big innovations: 1) Omni channel 2) understand tone and sentiment 3) they claim 2x faster but it feels 10x faster. Speed makes all the difference and now it feels magical. There are a bunch of startups that were creating customer service tools that are now obsolete.

Sacks talks about Glue, the Slack killer.
Sacks: We’re going to use the most powerful AI tools available. No more channels, people are sick of them. People just want threads. Glue allows that. You can ask inside of a chat thread for AI answers to things. Sacks showed a sample of him asking the AI what country he mentions most in all of the podcasts.
Jason: people get way into Slack and start thinking that Slack is the job. It’s too distracting and disjointed. Glue fixes that.

Friedberg has news about Ohalo! Ohalo has been developing a new technology in agriculture called Boosted Breeding. Currently, plants only pass on 50% of their genes to the offspring. They had a hypothesis that they could figure out how to get the plant to pass on 100% of its genetics. They were able to do this and now the plants can pass on 100% of the genetics from both parents and the results are incredible. They are getting 50-100% increase in plant yield and the plants are bigger and healthier. This will increase yield to almost all crops across the board. It requires less water, less energy, less time to grow, and less land. This will drive down the cost of food. This will help solve world food shortages.

Stanley Druckenmiller is investing in Argentina and taking a big bet on Javier Milei.

Jason has made a new investment in a company called Athena. It’s the fastest growing company that he’s ever seen, bigger than Uber and Robin Hood.

Chamath: the way companies will work in 5 years, none of us can predict. It’s going to be completely different.

Friedberg: With AI, you can build tools in a few minutes that will save you hours every day in perpetuity.

Jason: AI is massively deflationary. It’s making it way cheaper to launch and run companies.

Did Google just kill Perplexity with its new search summarizer?
Chamath: He’s changed his mind on Google. He thought Google was stagnating and dying but now they’re firing on all cylinders with this new tech. This is huge.
Jason: This is going to make search better with more personalized ads going forward.

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