All In - Show Notes - May 3, 2024

Sheryl Sandberg is on as a guest. She talked about the sexual violence that occurred on October 7, 2023 by Hamas in Israel. She has been interviewing survivors of the sexual assaults that took place but many people in the media are denying it happened. Sexual violence in war is unacceptable. Throughout history, it has happened with every war but for the last few decades it’s become something unacceptable. There is no black and white here, the world can’t tolerate this. Sheryl is disheartened that feminists around the world are denying the realities of the sexual violence in the war.
Her film is called “Screams Before Silence.” Available free online and Youtube.

Most of the female victims of the sexual violence were killed.
Sheryl: We need peace, we need two states, but no innocent lives should be killed. Sexual violence is unacceptable. And the path to peace cannot happen when the media denies these things happening.

Post Sheryl Sandberg Interview
A new open source gene editing technology has emerged.

Friedberg: You shouldn’t be able to patent stuff that happens in nature.
There’s been a search for the past decade for new proteins. Profluent used an AI model to find an entirely new set of casproteins. They released a casprotein open source called OpenCRISPR-1. This is really great for humanity.

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