All In - Episode 169 - Show notes

Elon is suing OpenAI for starting as a nonprofit and turning into a for-profit.

  • Sacks: Elon feels like he was swindled after having donated to OpenAI as a nonprofit. The meme battle is excellent.
  • Chamath: They used Elon’s name to raise more money early on. But, the personal matter is less important than the legal precedent. If non-profits are allowed to become for-profits, that’s a dangerous loophole to have.
  • Friedberg: OpenAI released a set of documents with Elon himself saying the org should be for-profit.
  • Jason: The IRS is going to have a field day with OpenAI
  • Sacks: When companies try to innovate on legal, not product, it always backfires. This company was supposed to be open-source and non-profit. Now, it’s closed-source and for-profit.

OpenAI’s focus on AGI

  • Sacks: OpenAIs mission is explicitly to develop AGI.
  • Friedberg: The capability of one-person with powerful AI will unlock opportunities we can’t even imagine right now.
  • Jason: ”My definition of AGI is when AI is smarter than the smartest person who ever lived”

Sunny Madfa joined the call to talk about Definitive AI.

  • Sunny: Definitive merged with Groq this week. All the besties are now investors in Groq.

Apple fined $2 billion by EU regulators

  • Sacks: this is super heavy handed and limited free speech.
  • Chamath: This is the beginning of the end of Apple. This is peak Apple. He thinks Buffett is disengaging from Apple. He only mentioned Apple once in the shareholder letter.
  • Jason: The stalling of Apple is the stalling of the iPhone.

House bill proposes ByteDance must divest of TikTok or face being banned outright.

  • Sacks: If true that the CCP is spying on Americans through these apps, then yes, they should be banned.
  • Chamath: An ex-Google engineer has been accused of stealing data and sharing it with the CCP. We should assume that all entities are infiltrated and sharing data with other countries. Palmer Lucky says we should enforce reciprocity, Chamath agrees.
  • Friedberg: It is so crazy that opinions can be swayed by an ad.
  • Sacks: Everyone says they aren’t influenced by ads but acknowledge that everyone is.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high. Up 70% in 2024. The halving is happening in the next couple weeks.

  • Chamath: Lots of experts are saying we’re on the way up to $100k. Billions are pouring into ETFs.
  • Friedberg: As long as the value stays high, the incentives for mining remaining.


  • Friedberg: Patients had plaque removed from their arteries examined for plastics. Microplastics are accumulating in blood. The patients with high levels of plastic had 4x higher chance of adverse health effects. They may driving inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and more. It’s a real problem because the cost of glass and metal is so much higher that The transition away from plastic won’t be easy.

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